If you’re in the mood for an adventure, but you can’t afford to go anywhere or the weather is bad, don’t worry - you can still get your fix from afar with a movie!

We’ve compiled a list of the best climbing movies available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime to satisfy your desire to venture so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.

Climbing Movies Available on Netflix

Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t quite up to speed with the burgeoning popularity of rock climbing, so their selection of climbing movies available to stream is slim.

But there are a few good options on Netflix if you’re looking for a boost of adventure through the big screen and you don’t want to sink a pretty penny into Amazon Prime or buy a hard copy to have at home.

1. The Dawn Wall

Runtime: 1h 40 min - Watch It Now

Red Bull Media House and Sender Films went above and beyond while documenting Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s phenomenal dual ascent of the 3,000 foot Dawn Wall on Yosemite’s most notorious cliff, El Capitan in January, 2015.

And now, climbers and lay people everywhere can watch from the edge of their seats as these two world class climbers attempt to free climb the hardest route on Earth.

This made it into our number two spot for best climbing movies of all time.

2. Valley Uprising

Runtime: 1h 38 min - Watch It Now

If you’re at all interested in the history of climbing in Yosemite National Park, then Valley Uprising is the movie for you.

Documenting 50 years of climbing history and the raucous evolution of rock climbing in the climbing Mecca of the West, Valley Uprising is an entertaining and informative documentary sure to spark your adventurous spirit.

3. The Climb

Runtime: 1h 45 min - Watch It Now

The Climb is not a movie for diehard climbers looking for an adrenaline fix on rest day, but it’s on the list because how could a movie called “The Climb” not make it onto a list of the best climbing movies on Netflix?

This real-life based comedy follows a Senegalese-Frenchman as he takes on the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest for the first time with no prior mountaineering experience in order to win over the girl of his dreams.

10 Best Climbing Movies Available on Amazon Prime

If you’re in need of an adrenaline rush but don’t have the energy to leave your couch, then Amazon Prime is the place to go to scratch that itch with their extensive selection of climbing movies available to stream for Amazon Prime users.

1. Meru

Runtime: 1h 30 min - Watch It Now

One of the best climbing documentaries of all time, Meru follows director and climber Jimmy Chin and his team of extreme alpine climbers including Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk as they attempt to bag the first ascent of the infamous Mount Meru, one of the most coveted walls in the world of Himalayan big wall climbing.

2. Africa Fusion

Runtime: 53 min - Watch It Now

Africa is one of the most spectacular and underrepresented places to climb in the entire world, which is why pro climbers Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay decided to make an hour long film to document their climbing journey through the beauty and challenge of climbing some of the most daunting cliff faces on the African continent.

3. Wadi Rum

Runtime: 33 min - Watch It Now

Many climbers know that Jordan is a renowned destination for climbing, but with little documentation to support its reputation, it is difficult to imagine the appeal of the breathtaking desert landscape.

Wadi Rum follows four international climbers on their journey climbing one of the most prominent rock features in Jordan’s prestigious national park, “Wadi Rum.”

4. Solo Base

Runtime: 36 min - Watch It Now

Focused more on the free fall of base jumping after the ascent than climbing itself, Solo Base follows vegan and environmentalist David Fusté and his friend Turko as they free solo to the top of imperious cliffs and leap off into the void below, carrying only a small parachute bag as pro.

5. The Beckoning Silence

Runtime: 1h 13 min - Watch It Now

Big falls and terrifying epics don’t have the same effect on every climber.

Some rock warriors treasure their accidents as vital lessons to be applied to future climbs. Others are shut down completely after a harrowing near-death experience and choose to never climb again.

The Beckoning Silence explores in detail the story of Joe Simpson, a well-known mountaineer who faced a near-death mountain climbing accident of his own while he struggles to understand his complex desire to continue climbing despite his close encounter with death.

6. El Cap Report

Runtime: 56 min - Watch It Now

Exactly as the title implies, the El Cap Report is an hour-long film that documents the journeys of the inspiring men and women who climb El Cap in Yosemite National Park.

Told through the creative lens of directors Dave Davis and Mary Grandelis, who spent many years hanging out at the base of El Capitan collecting these beautiful and unique stories of the non-professional climbers who brave the challenges of big wall climbing on El Cap, the El Cap Report is a heartwarming reminder that we all have the potential to be more than just couch climbers.

7. Wild New Brave

Runtime: 29 min - Watch It Now

Similar in theory to Valley Uprising, but with a more specific focus, Wild New Brave documents the rise of the dirtbag lifestyle in America during the rowdy and reckless era of the 1970s.

Following the free climbing legends who got their start by denying their part in the all-American dream of white picket fences and nuclear families, this documentary will more than likely stir up your inner rebel or flower child and motivate you to get up off the couch and scale the nearest peak just like the dirtbags on the screen.

8. Myanmar: Bridges to Change

Runtime: 44 min - Watch It Now

Myanmar: Bridges to Change is the epic story of a group of climbers who traveled to the dense and unforgiving jungles of Northern Myanmar in August of 2013 to attempt to bag the first ascent of Gamlang Razi, one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia.

Follow these climbers as they traverse nearly 300 miles on foot through thick jungle vegetation, facing the perils of heat, exhaustion, and dangerous jungle creatures all in a heart pounding race to the top.

9. Redemption: The James Pearson Story

Runtime: 52 min - Watch It Now

James Pearson may be one of England’s (and the world’s) best traditional climbers, but his rise to fame is full of controversy and intrigue in the world of professional climbing.

The climbing world ostracised Pearson when the grading system he used to become the best trad climber was thrown into question, threatening to knock him off his place on top.

This is his story of redemption, told from his perspective after returning to the UK having faced his demons and humbly reclaimed his place in the climbing community.

10. Shifting Dreams

Runtime: 32 min - Watch It Now

The world of climbing is full of opportunities, so many sometimes that it can be difficult to narrow down which ones are right for you.

This was the experience of Carolina Ciavaldini, a world class climber who moved from the competitive world of professional climbing to the more extreme and variable realm of traditional and alpine after the sorrowful passing of her mother.

A short and moving film, Shifting Dreams will make you reconsider your own motives for why you choose to adventure.

Other Climbing Movies Available on Amazon Prime

  1. Cold Rock (70 mins)
  2. Assault on El Capitan (67 mins)
  3. The Nahanni Whisperer (53 mins)
  4. Wide Boyz (48 mins)
  5. Solo - Climbing to Live (47 mins)
  6. Distilled (41 mins)
  7. A Passion for New Routing (36 mins)
  8. New Dimension (27 mins)
  9. Craig’s Reaction (24 mins)
  10. Tuzgle (21 mins)


This is an exhaustive list of all the climbing movies available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime at this time.

Keep in mind that both streaming platforms are constantly updating their content, so check back often to see if any new movies got added or were removed since the last time you searched for an adrenaline pumping climbing film to watch on your rest day.

Also, we only included movies that are included with Amazon Prime, even though there are also a few awesome documentaries that are available for rent or purchase through Amazon like Free Solo (100 mins) and Safety Third (27 mins).